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What is Pander?

Pander is a new way to order food online. It's personal, simple, and shows you all the food you like - nothing more, nothing less.

It lets you order complete meals with a single tap, chosen specifically for you thanks to its unique algorithms.

You save time, energy, and get a consistently delicious variety of meals - so you can stop spending time wondering what to eat, and start actually eating.

Why Build Pander?

Online food ordering is broken.

Sure, there are hundreds (thousands?) of restaurants you can choose from - but what good is that? You don't have time to read hundreds of menus.

So you settle, and go back to that same just-barely-good-enough meal you get every day.

We think there's a better way.

That's why we built Pander. From beginning to end, Pander is about giving you a simple, personalized experience - without sacrificing choice.

So stop spending time digging through lists, when what you really want to be doing is digging into the perfect meal, picked just for you.

Start being Pandered to.

Personalized For You

You have unique tastes.

We understand that - which is why Pander isn't just some list of dishes we think 'most people' would like.

Instead, when you first set up Pander, we'll ask you a couple of questions about what kinds of food you enjoy. From there, our unique algorithms get to work.

Every time you pull up Pander, we'll show you options you might like - Pasta, maybe. Or perhaps Seafood.

Each option will be tailored to fit your palate, so that you're not wasting time looking at dishes that you don't feel like eating.

Simple. Straightforward. Stress-Free.

Ordering isn't the important part - eating is.

So we built Pander to be simple and efficient, letting you order a meal as easily as possible.

From the list of options we show you, all you have to do is tap on one that looks good.

We'll then take care of all the busywork - we'll check the restaurants that are open for delivery and pick a good one, we'll analyze their menu to build you a great meal, and we'll make sure everything fits within your budget, even if there are delivery charges or minimum order sizes to worry about.

Once that's handled, we'll show you the full meal we've put together to look over.

You can confirm with another tap - and that's it! We'll place the order - you can just sit back and wait for your food to arrive.

Adaptable & Intelligent

Pander will improve with every meal.

We think we can do a pretty good job of finding food for you based on the initial questions we ask - but you can't always learn everything right away. So Pander will always be on the lookout for ways to get smarter.

Maybe you like some cuisines for lunch, but not dinner? Makes sense! Pander will make a note of it. Maybe you generally like a cuisine, but really aren't a fan of a couple of common dishes? We'll keep that in mind!

And if you want, you can speed the process up - you'll have the opportunity to rate every order you place, so we can understand if some restaurants or dishes just aren't quite cutting it for you.

Customize Every Detail

You can control every part of your Pander experience.

Should we order you dessert and a drink with your meal? Jump into the Settings and let us know!

Want to control how much tip to include with every order? Go for it - we'll include that amount by default so you don't have to look for change when the food shows up.

Do you want to be able to edit, on a dish-by-dish basis, the meals we suggest to you? Maybe switch out the appetizer for something else but keep the rest of what we've picked? You can do that too!

Dive in and tweak Pander to your heart's content - we want Pander to fit into your lifestyle, not make you change to work around it.

(And stay tuned - we have plenty more options for you to play with coming soon!)